Updated 26/06/2018

Chico Marx once famously said... "There Aint No Sanity Clause".....and

similarly... there aint no Victory40 owners association ...and indeed ...

there may never be.

We are not sure why this situation exists as almost every other type of

sailing vessel seems to have an organised band of enthusiasts. Perhaps the

Victory40 attracts a particularly self-sufficient kind of individual who

is..."the wolf who walks alone"... who knows?

This website is a sort of flyer to find if there is an appetite out

there for some sort of association to discuss, evaluate, and celebrate these

really rather wonderful sailing boats. Over the last four years or so there has

been a small but steady trickle of interest....which is encouraging...

But we need more.....

So..Ladies and Gentlemen......

Send us your thoughts, your ideas, and .....your boat details and photographs to add to the list

on the following page, and I will add ..........a digest and a report of progress from time

to time ...and we will see what happens.



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